Brian Floyd and Tom Wortham died two days ago.  Today Brian’s mother and Tom’s father spoke out.


First, Lucille Floyd:  The Negro National League played baseball just south of the parking lot for the current White Sox ballpark.  In 1946 the CHA removed the 9,000 seat grandstand and built the 422-unit Wentworth Gardens public housing facility.  “Only residents who were living in CHA developments as of October 1, 1999, and have remained lease-compliant are eligible to live at this property.”


So we know that Lucille has spent at least a decade living on welfare and that she has managed to keep lease compliant.  She has said that her son and his cousin and two others went out on a Wednesday night “to go drinking” – only one of the four was of drinking age.  When she learned they tried to steal a motorcycle from an off-duty cop, she explained that it was just a game of “dare” that motivated the gunpoint robbery.  NBC videotaped her in her lovely garden apartment:




But I don’t feel like all those guys have to pay for that one mistake, you know.  It was all a mistake on everybody’s part including the people that shot and the ones that died about it.



It was a big mistake so I feel like, you know, we need to let it rest and let, you know, go on with our lives.  The whole thing, you know, all this could just end because there’s so much confusion and abuse about it – ‘cause it, it’s really tearing me up.  It really is.  But by the grace of God, you know, and bein’ strong, and I’m holding on to what I got left, my two kids I got left.



It was all a big mistake. It was on their part as well as the officers who shot those children.  And for him to shoot them the way he did, in cold blood – because bein’ an officer, I feel like, he should have had a knowledge of how to hit those children without killin’ them, but he instantly come out just to kill, it seem like to me, because he hit ‘em up at the top.



Can you imagine yo’self just sittin’ up there, shooting the brains out of a young 20 year-old child?  I mean, it, it’s just disgraceful.  I mean, he could’a hit ‘em in the legs or the behind or something, just to keep him from moving so they could’a made a, arrested them or something, but no he instantly comes out, starts shootin’ to kill and that’s what threw the whole thing off.



It’s hard to raise these black young men as single parents – all these kids that was involved there, they don’t have they fathers with them, you know we raisin’ these kids on our own.









Next, the victim’s father:


"Know this," the retired Chicago Police sergeant told the Chicago Sun-Times on Friday, two days after his only son, Police Officer Thomas Wortham IV, was gunned down in front of his Chatham home, "I don't intend to let my son's death be in vain."


The 63-year-old's voice was not shaky. He did not weep. He spoke with stern resolve.


"I intend to start a movement to stop this violence," he said.


"We need to get more people involved in these kids' lives," Wortham said. "This guy who shot my son, I want to meet his father. Because, if he had a father like my son's father, this would never have happened."


Englewood District police Commander Keith Calloway says it for me:


"I'm truly at a loss to explain how someone gets killed playing a game.  This is not PlayStation. There is no reset button. How do you raise a child (so) that they go out and play a game and kill somebody? It's irresponsible, it's shameful, it's pathetic, and I hope they rot in hell for it."