David arrived at Dover on Thursday, November 3rd.

According to his widow Friday morning, he will be arriving at Waukegan airport at 930am Sunday 11/6. The wake will be Monday 11/7 at Congdon Funeral Home in Zion from 5-9pm. The funeral will be Tuesday 11/8 at Our Lady of Humility Church at 10am followed by a full military burial at Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville.



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Seventeen Cub Scouts* of Pack 42 in Lake Bluff were standing outside the funeral home on Monday holding flags and holding doors.



The last day.

The funeral at the church and the interment at the cemetery.



We meet at 9, the mass starts at 10, so the procession will be about 11. 

It is more of a tribute if it is more difficult to do.

Our Friends From Westboro produced their usual press release.

The good people of Zion and Winthrop Harbor were on the street at the appointed hour.  When they realized that there would be no confrontation, they joined our flagline.  These are the portraits of 107 people who did not attend the service but came running to protect the sanctity of the service.



It did rain the whole time.  Not a downpour; just a persistent drizzle that many people associate with depression, futility, sadness.

Well, we were sad when we had to be and we were happy when we could be. 



I realize (of course) that Emily and many others may never recall these last few days with any satisfaction.  It is especially disquieting to think of Matthew and Jackson, ages 7 and 4, who will not have this wonderful mentor as they go through school and prepare for adult life.


But for some of us, for me at least, the last few days have been glorious.  Our volunteer army had the benefit of a great man who willingly traveled to the far side of the globe and did what he could to make the world better for us.  What did I do to deserve the selfless service of David Robinson?  Why did he (and Emily and Matthew and Jackson) offer to sacrifice so much for me?


I am honored and humbled by this magnificent gift David has given me.  I feel great.




(I have many more photos and a few more thoughts that will be posted to this page in the future.)




*The scouts of Lake Bluff Pack 42 were recognized by Ride Captain Al Oller, Deputy Assistant State Captain Mark Pleasant and Senior Ride Captain Rob Curcio at a pack meeting months later:

The influence of David Robinson continues to ripple.