“Helicoptering around Helmand” from her FB page









On April 6, 2013, five Americans died in Afghanistan from a huge bomb blast.  Hi Ian Chi, a civilian Defense Department employee from California who worked as a translator was one.  These are the other four:

  Delfin, 24  
  Chris, 24  
  Anne, 25  
  Wilbel, 25  


The DoD announcement of the three soldiers who died with her.

The story of her end. 

The Wake for Anne was on Tuesday, April 16, from 2-9 PM at Drechsler Brown & Williams Funeral Home, 203 S Marion Street, Oak Park.

The Funeral Mass was on Wednesday, April 17, at 10:30 AM at St. Luke Church.





Nine days after Anne, Martin followed her.


He was waiting at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. His six-year-old sister lost a leg in the blast and his mother was rushed to the hospital for brain surgery.

The same same evil forces killed both Martin and Anne.  They were both killed impersonally in violent political acts and can both be added to the 911 toll.


But 911 was eleven and a half years ago and they are still coming for us. The world will not be peaceful until we stop the evil forces that killed both Martin and Anne.

The Patriot Guard has always had an organizational affinity for first responders.  The 343 firemen who died on 9/11, like the ad hoc militia aboard Flight 93, were not victims.  They were the first casualties in our effort to fight back.

Many of us are instilled with a reluctance to fight back.  "Don't be judgmental; turn the other cheek; call 911."  I think that clouds and confuses the Second Amendment debate.  Many folks who think they are good Americans believe the right to bear arms is about hunting.  Its not.  Its about checks and balances.

So I was alarmed a month ago when an army officer was disarmed by a cop in Texas:




And I was cheered a week ago when I saw a law student make a cop back down:



But when the two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon and a 78 year-old runner was knocked off his feet, one of the first images we saw was this:



The first explosion could have been innocent -- some sort of accident.  Like the jet that hit the first tower on 9/11, we thought that maybe there was pilot error or some system failure, but when a second jet hit the second tower 17 minutes later, we knew.

So when the second bomb exploded at the Boston Marathon 14 seconds later in the next block, we knew.

It was necessary to fight back.  The image of uniformed men with guns transformed instantly from threatening to reassuring.



A major actor during the Cold War was the Strategic Air Command.  It was created in 1944 and inactivated in 1992.  They were armed with the bigest and baddest weapons ever known to mankind and they trained constantly to a very high state of readiness.

And that is why they never fought.  Their motto was, "Peace is our profession".