Leroy Arthur Petry joined our army two years before 9/11.  He became a Ranger and was assigned to the Ranger Regiment.  He had done two deployments to Iraq and was on his sixth deployment to Afghanistan.


He was supposed to be the senior NCO on the raid.  His guys were to capture a high-value Taliban.  Right after they assaulted the buildings he would take a position inside one and talk on his radio.  He wasn’t supposed to be shooting.


One of the teams had difficulty clearing their building so he had another Ranger join him and they moved toward the trouble.  Things went bad fast.


When the two of them entered the courtyard and lost cover they were ambushed.  Both were shot, Petry through both legs.  He reported their injuries and the team leader of the building assault team came out to evaluate and assist when a hand grenade landed nearby.


All three were now injured.  Two more Rangers joined them.  A second hand grenade landed right in their midst.  Petry picked it up and attempted to throw it back when is detonated, “catastrophically amputating” his right arm.


As he used his left arm to apply a tourniquet to the remaining part of his right arm, the four Rangers whose lives he had just saved were engaging the enemy.  One of them would die in the exchange, but ultimately the Rangers prevailed.


The Commander-in-Chief announced on June 1 that Petry would receive the Congressional Medal of Honor on July 12.  He will be the eighth to receive that award since 9/11 but only the second to receive it not posthumously.










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