January 13: Pack meeting.

Our Cub Scout pack meets bi-monthly during the school year, s this was the first opportunity to recognize the eighteen scouts who stood with the PGR at the David Robinson Mission. They were presented with “Honor Guard” patches by:

Deputy Assistant State Captain Mark Pleasant:

Region One Senior Ride Captain Rob Curcio:

and Ride Captain Al Oller:

January 21: Pinewood Derby.

This is the model car race of the cars that the scouts build, with parents’ help. The weight and dimensions of the car is checked and then the Race Committee takes charge of the car. This means the scouts and their parents have nothing to do except watch the racing. We race only six at a time and each car must race on each lane, so the process lasts through the whole morning.

So it is a happy time with lots of photo opportunities. As the pack photographer , I had my wife fill-in for me because I had another commitment. In reviewing her photos I saw that scouts were already wearing their “Honor Guard” patches:

Robin did a fine job but I was sorry to miss it, especially since our grandson Kevin won his heat and went on to win the Pack Championship!

But Kevin understands because he is also a good Patriot Guard Rider and I was at the Christopher Patterson Mission, another good scout: