My name is Jon Fecteau and I am a proud member of the Patriot Guard Riders here in Wisconsin.  My dad came home from Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 121st FA, three years ago. I was proud to participate in the escort of five buses from the WI state line that ended at the Delphi plant on Drexel and Howell. 

On September 11th, 2010, I will be married to my fiance', Carrie.  Carrie's father, Charles R. Wozniak was a Navy veteran, who proudly served on the USS Des Moines, the USS Salem, and the USS Macon from 1957 to 1960.  He passed away in their family home when Carrie was just 9 years old.  According to Carrie's mom, her dad did not receive a military burial that she can remember. 


Carrie has requested that we go "see her dad", between our ceremony and the reception.  I want to make this visit with her dad one that she will never forget. 


That is where my request comes in. 


It would be an honor if my fellow brothers and sisters of the Patriot Guard Riders could have a flagline set up at the cemetery where Carrie's dad is buried.


The great thing about this is that all of Carrie's older brothers and sisters are going to be with us on the bus from the ceremony to the reception, so they will benefit as well.  Arrangements have been confirmed with the Navy and Lt. Commander Derby will perform a short (5 min.) ceremony honoring the father of the bride, QM3, E-4 Charles R Wozniak.


I have stood in a flagline with many of my fellow PGR brothers and sisters, honoring too many fallen warriors. This time it would be my honor to have my fellow riders stand a flagline for my bride's dad, and us, on this most memorable day. 


This entire function should only take about 45 minutes, including staging and his memorial ceremony. 


Flagline and short ceremony will take place where Carrie's dad is laid to rest; Mount Olivet/Saint Adalbert/Holy Trinity Cemetery, 3801 South Sixth Street, Milwaukee, WI  53221.  Our wedding party will arrive at the cemetery at 2:45 PM.


Carrie and I have decided not to exchange gifts from each other, however, I feel a need to do this for her, on this, our special day.
Any questions, please, call my cell phone and DO NOT respond via email as Carrie checks my e-mail daily for my business.





The Wisconsin State Captain received the letter above a couple of weeks before 9/11.  I regret that I missed that mission.  A couple of week after 9/11 I received a photo that was taken that day.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark is at the center.