A year and a half ago, a component of the 16th PSYOPS battalion left Fort Sheridan to go to war.  Another company of brave soldiers left from Fort Sheridan yesterday morning.  Yesterday afternoon, they joined 500 other soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey.  From there they will probably go to Afghanistan.


The Patriot Guard met the soldiers at their reserve center and then escorted their bus to O’Hare.  The next 50 photos are presented in chronological sequence.








Colonel Lintz rode with us.  This is his bike.









And this is Colonel Lintz.









Hard to say who is prouder:  Is it Ron to be standing with Specialist Garcia, or is it Garcia to be standing with PGRider Ron?
















They arrived individually.  Some came with spouses, some came with parents, some came alone.  Then SFC Best started moving them toward the bus that would move them as a unit to the airport.  They would travel together for seven thousand miles and then they would face their difficult work together.


They were no longer vulnerable individuals – they were a team.  They knew they were on a winning team and they had good team spirit.  It was time to put on their game face.











Our convoy moved to O’Hare:  First, two policemen who are members of the 16th but were not deploying, driving their squad cars.  Next the PGR bikes.  Then Colonel Lintz directly in front of the bus.  And then the cages.




The colonel used his Kevlar for the ride.





We stopped traffic for a while but the other travelers didn’t mind.  They took pictures.










Click on the photo directly above for a half-megabyte, high-resolution version.  If your computer works like mine, you can then right-click and do a “save as” to write the photo onto your own hard drive.  You are welcome to print it.




That concludes the chronological presentation.









At 0800 the soldiers stood in formation so that SFC Best could perform a roll call.  I took that opportunity to get portraits of some of them.



Many of them had been deployed before so they knew what they were getting into.  And those who had not must have been full of anticipation.  But do they look worried?


Or do they look confident in their leadership, their mission and their purpose on Earth?


















They will take care of each other.












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