At the cemetery:




We formed a flagline for the transfer from the hearse to the chapel.


We formed a flagline for the 20 VFW members to enter the chapel.


We ringed the chapel with a flagline and stood for the short service.


The Marine Corps League fired the salute and Jim bugled beautifully.


Diane Pathieu from Milwaukee channel 4 tried to avoid my group photo.


We formed a flagline for the transfer from the chapel to the gravesite.







No motorcycles as predicted and no family as expected.  I guess Richard was a loner.  From talking to Jamie at the group home I understand that he didn’t have family because he didn’t want that.  Cody from the funeral home (shown below) was his surrogate next-of-kin.  He received the folded flag and then slowly walked out of the chapel.  Someone called out “Present arms!” and the VFW members and PGRiders saluted his exit.  Richard is beyond caring but that is what we did.  He was an American veteran and he was a human being.  So that is what we did.  And then we left.



And Richard was probably glad to see us go so that he could enjoy the solitude of Section D.