Kevin is back from his regular 6-week summer visit to his father's family in Texas but the fifth grade starts with a half-day Friday.  Still, I was able to schedule a little flag-holding.

Just 23 hours earlier I received an email that read in part:  "A real Yankee Doodle Dandy, born on the 4th of July. CWO Tipsword served in the Marines then the army for 44 more years! Also an avid Harley rider, His family has requested our presence on his final ride."

Just 10 hours earlier, Kevin told me that his friend Harrison would have to along when his mom took his older brother clothes shopping unless he could join us, so we became three.

I placed little squares of duct tape in the street at the entrance to the cemetery.  I explained that the job was to stand very still on the marks and hold their flagpoles straight up.  We practiced.

When I saw flashing lights to the south, I stopped traffic from the north and called, "To your marks!"

Copperhead and three other PGRiders escorted the hearse.  Family followed.  The three of us stood on our marks and held our flagpoles straight and still.

Because we try to be good Cub Scouts even when we are out of uniform and because John Tipsword, Sr., Chief Warrant Officer, Retired, wore his uniform for 44 years.