Lora Hunt was polishing her nails as she drove south on US highway 12. She struck a motorcyclist who was stationary at the traffic signal for Old McHenry Road.

Lora Hunt was sentenced to 18 months, except that she is allowed out of jail daily to work at a job that is near her home, even though it is 80 miles from the jail. She is also allowed to leave jail to attend church, receive counseling and perform community service.

Lora Hunt was in court on September 29, 2011 to ask that her release date of January 22, 2012 be moved up. The judge did not allow a shortened sentence but said she may spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at her home.

Lora Hunt made no statement of responsibility or regret until after she was convicted, except to acknowledge that polishing her nails while driving was stupid. The judge denied her request to spend New Year’s Day at home.




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