On Friday evenig, March 13, 2015, the Wisconsin State Captain wrote the following.  I have nothing to add:


The life of a PGR guy in WI: set up 5 funeral missions in 3 days, two more pending including one of the Marines from the helicopter crash. Needed a break and thought - Friday night dinner!! Local church had a fish fry - met an elderly couple with 23 Great Grand children and another young couple just starting out. 873 pieces of fish later I "needed" dessert so my brain would know dinner was over and as it was at the end they said "take a few, we have too much". Two cupcakes for the road in case I got hungry in the 9 blocks home.

First e-mail I open is about another local Marine killed in an accident at Yuma airbase. We have so much - let no one take it for granted, it can be gone in the time it takes to eat dinner.