Four months ago, the 933rd MPs came home from a 10-month deployment.




The company worked with Special Forces troops in Afghanistan; therefore much of their mission is classified. 933rd Soldiers were spread across four remote combat posts in Afghanistan completing missions such as guard operations and prison escort.

Six Soldiers earned Bronze Stars, 76 troops earned Army Commendation Medals, 42 earned the Army Achievement Medals and 19 Soldiers received Combat Action Badges.




Six Bronze Stars indicates that the guard operations and prison escorts were not always routine.


Today, a fair mid-October day, they held an awards ceremony at the Botanic Gardens.  Seven PGRiders were there to endorse their efforts with a flagline.


They had posted soldiers along the way from the parking lot to the auditorium:



Robin and I arrived a little after the staging time and most soldiers and families were already seated, even though the start time was more than a half-hour away.  Robin put in 23 years and that is enough, so she would stroll through the gardens and only I would stand.  I promptly approached Chuck:



He gave me his flag and I took his place next to Steve.



Just before the ceremony began, we moved inside the glass and Robin got one last photo of me.



No P.T., no impending deployment, no responsibility except to wear the uniform and come forward to receive your award when your name is called -- the whole Company was care-free.  Then they too wandered through the gardens with their families.