October 27, 2010



The Patriot Guard is 5 years old today.(The Patriot Guard Riders will be 5 in another month.)Terry ďDarkhorseĒ Houck was a founding member.He is shown here with Wild Bill Logan, another of the four founders; all members of ALR 136.


I went to Kansas in the summer of 2007 for the funeral of a soldier from my step-sonís battalion.I met Darkhorse then.I didnít ask if he were part of the 3rd Battalion of the 5th Marines (which is the Darkhorse Battalion) but I enjoyed Terry and his wife Carol very much.Terry gave me a Kansas Patriot Guard banner for my windshield which has been there ever since, just below my Ryan Jopek decal.



Congratulations and much thanks to my friends Dave, Fred, Eric and Mark for their recent re-commitments to our fine, five year-old organization.