I know Akron.  We just returned from Thanksgiving in Canton, another trip I have made many times.  We pass through Akron.  I even attended a PRG mission there once.


I know Orange Grove.  I lived in Houston for 6 years in the ‘70s and visited Mexico on many 3-day weekends.  Orange Grove is halfway between Houston and the border.


I know Vancouver.  My Godson lives nearby.  His father is a friend I have known since high school.  I have visited that city twice.


Pfc. Colton W. Rusk, 20, of Orange Grove, Texas, Sgt. Jason Peto, 31, of Vancouver, Washington and Cpl. Derek A. Wyatt, 25, of Akron, Ohio bring to twenty the number Darkhorse Battalion Marines who have died in the Sangin District of Helmand Province in the last two months.  20 in 2 months.  From one battalion.


Derek, Colton and Jason are not just “several ISAF troops”.  Nor are they “three Camp Pendleton Marines”.  And they are not simply “volunteers”.


Derek, Colton and Jason are my neighbors.  They died in defense of my neighborhood.